Who needs to teleport when you can fly that fast? I mean obviously it doesn’t get you through solid objects or into places without being noticed what with the sonic booms and shockwaves and all, but as far as getting across a city quickly, Max could probably beat Harem. (Although I haven’t quite figured out what Harem’s range is, so maybe it’s a closer race than you’d think)

This page is evidence that I’m still hugely amateur when it comes to drawing interiors. They’re supposed to be in a two story room but that ceiling looks awfully low to me. I guess I need to take some snapshots of the insides of malls or something to figure out what I’m doing wrong.

Speaking of which I’ve made the hilarious mistake of putting them in a supposedly high security location… with a flipping skylight. I just have too many scenes in mind there the heroes fly in and out of the place to do away with it. I guess the explanation will be that there’s nothing of critical importance on that level… except that Leon’s office is right there and he has access to everything. I guess the door is normally closed and there’s always a dozen super powered types milling about.