Maxima’s oh so mature disciplinary action here, as has been pointed out in some of the previous comments, isn’t something she’s allowed to do – good news for anyone in any of the services in the real world obviously. This probably isn’t over for either of them but we’ll get to that later.

So Harem has one mind for (up to) 5 bodies. There’s a little confusion over how that works, and while she can do disparate things, reading 5 different books at once or eat, exercise, watch TV, etc, there is a sensation threshold at which something happening to one body will spill over to the others. Knocking her funnybone, even getting tickled, hearing a really funny joke, or any number of other situations. I’m sure you can think of plenty, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing many of those over the course of the comic. Getting flashbanged would be interesting, while it would blind and deafen one of them and disorient them all, it wouldn’t blind of deafen the rest of them (assuming they were out of range) If she saw herself get flashbanged, through a strong window or something, the observing one could spot for the blind one, although from 3rd person she’d lose a considerable amount of coordination.

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