I spent some time thinking about this, and really, Archon would probably wind up paying anyone the least amount possible for time travel incidents. Not because they’re cheap, but when it comes down to it, it’s logical. From Sydney’s point of view, she only “worked” two days, and for some of that time she was asleep on Cora’s ship anyway. From Archon’s point of view, Sydney was technically on the clock for 53 days, but also absent from work. She is salaried and not hourly, so there’s no O.T. to consider in either frame of reference.

If she had traveled to the past, that could be trickier. Assuming she didn’t show up back on Archon’s doorstep before they ever hired her, that’s a whole other discussion. But if she went a month in to the past, then showed up five minutes after going back, and could prove she’d spent the time saving the world from whatever… would they pay her for a month or 5 minutes? It seems like the easy answer would be that they pay her for the month. She was doing her job the whole time after all. But what happens if someone got sent a year in the past, or ten? Their salaries are not inconsiderable. Sydney is a recruit, but Major Hiro went ten years in the past, that kind of back pay could cause a budgetary crisis.

Not that Hiro would show up and demand a huge paycheck necessarily, but it’s something that the bean counters might need to consider at some point, now that they know time travel is possible.

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