Unlike vampires, succubi do not need permission to enter things. The should definitely still get it. It’s just more polite that way. I’m just saying they don’t have any weird hangups about it.

Cora is aware that most societies will have limits on PDA’s, and succubi fully understand that a rarified commodity is a more valuable one. In this case, sex / access to sexy bits / access to sexual displays. They really were just saying hello in a way that exceeded acceptable thresholds of most places on Earth, but then they switched to just fully messing with Maxima. In panel six, that knowing glance was part “This is what I’ve been dealing with”, and part “She’s so fun to mess with, you want to have a go?”

Individually, they’re both potentially totally competent adults, but they’re a bad influence on each other. It isn’t clear at this point how long Cora and crew will be hanging around Earth.

Panel 1 amuses me because of the height difference between Sydney and Maxima. Sydney is more than a foot shorter than Maxima, so even with Sydney poking her head up the bottom of the frame like that, you got to figure she’s standing on her tip toes. I couldn’t think of any other way to fit them and all the dialog in a panel that size. Well, I could have done a long shot, but that’s not how I do.

Moving update: We accepted an offer on our house, and our offer was accepted on the house we want. It’s all moving along quite quickly, and now there’s like a month long wait until all the closing dates, so hopefully the daily interruptions to my work schedule will be reduced for a bit. At least until we actually close. Then it’s all banks and signing and moving, so that’ll be a busy couple of days.

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