This is a weird page because it kind of exists just due of the layout of the base. Granted, the hallway outside the elevators they were talking in for the last few pages was sort of a non-euclidean phantom zone. I mean if you look at the walls with all the different angles the camera points at in the various panels, I’m not sure there’s a way out of it. There was an elevator door but no hallway.

But – back in 3D space, the elevators are in a hallway behind the lounge area, and there’s no way into the rest of the building from the elevators without going through the lounge first. As that’s the only practical place to have the welcome back shindig (possibly besides the one big lecture hall) this page had to come before the next page. Just… topographically speaking.

There are more people around the corner there. I just ran out of time to draw them. Also more food. It’s more than just the one table with cake pops and a cooler of tea.

I know the vote incentive is stale. Working on a new one. Maybe I’ll post it in stages once I’m happy with the pencils.

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