Dabbler’s serious, succubi are actually so disease resistant they can cure some ailments venereally. Virological, bacterial, even some kinds of thaumitological conditions, like certain curses. It’s like a really thorough laying of hands. It’s not universal though. A cure for xanthous palsy to one species is priapismal fever to another. So I guess they do have sexually transmitted cures where Dabbler and Frix are from. Fortunately these effects aren’t communicable. There aren’t any succubi driven “positive plagues” with side effects similar to slipping Viagra into the local aquifer. The have spells for that if they’re feeling mischievous.

Succubi disease resistance is by design. They didn’t evolve from another branch of demons naturally. Dabbler will tell Sydney all about it one day, but it’s a long tangent so I won’t get into it here.

Frix isn’t tall enough on these recent pages. I had to cheat to get him to fit under the word balloons. He’s supposed to be like, I dunno, 6′ 8″ minimum. (Measured to the top of his head, not the horns or ears.) All of Cora’s crew are way taller than her.

He is certainly taking Sydney’s behavior in stride. Some people might be offended by her antics. He also recovered quickly from Dabbler’s groping. He’s resilient. That or he plans on spanking her later. Both probably.

I’m not sure why there’s a bottle of hand sanitizer just… floating in the hallway there. (Down in the corner of panel 1.) I guess they are standing by the elevators. People can be weird about buttons.

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