I think it was a fair question, to be honest. Leon maybe could have put it more delicately, but if you’re coming up with a comprehensive list of solutions to Sydney’s conundrum, that question should be asked at some point.

An unfair question, in my opinion, is “Why would you jump straight to that!?” Honestly, if the guy in a M/F/F triangle doesn’t consider the possibility of a threesome at some point… well, I don’t even know what to say to that. I’m not saying every guy in that situation would be bucking for it, some guys might be intimidated by the idea. I mean, there are performance considerations. But he’d still have the idea. Even if he thought it’d be disastrous, it’s probably on a lot of guys’ buckets lists. Heck, it might be on a lot of women’s bucket lists for all I know (though probably the M/F/M variant) but no one should honestly be surprised when a guy mentions it at some point. “Hah hah, I’m just kidding about a threesome, but seriously, what’s the deal with that? It’s a joke! But just for fun, let’s make a short list of your friends and sister… ow!”

So, can Krona hack people’s minds and personalities? Well, we know she can hack people’s bladders at any rate. If she hacked someone who didn’t like pickles so that they liked pickles, is she hacking their mind or their tongue?

The answer is, given Archon’s reaction to the news that she might be able to hack time, Krona has not been at all forthcoming as to the extent of her abilities. She doesn’t hold a grudge against Maxima, she understands what Archon was worried about, but she doesn’t want to give them any additional ammunition when it comes to evaluating her threat level. As for us readers, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Edit: Huh. Well, reaction to this page has caught me by surprise. I didn’t think anything of the ‘little girl gives guy a bonk on the head for acting like a dope’ trope but a lot of people are reacting like Sydney and Krona are attacking Leon with knives. Which, again, is surprising, considering that they’re not (cartoon bumps ≠ medical emergency) considering that Sydney could obviously cause grievous bodily harm if she wanted to. Krona could at the very least make Leon wet himself or make his keys move 10 feet from where he normally keeps them, and in my case that would mean they would effectively be lost forever.

Okay, so a few points. Some people are saying Leon isn’t even being included in the discussion, but Sydney’s question about monogamy was for both of them. It’s just that Leon jumped straight to the sexual aspect of it. Granted, both Krona and Sydney assumed that he’d be okay with it. They happened to be correct.

For anyone asking if it’d be okay if the situation was reversed and two guys were beating up on a girl? I mean, part of me wants to say that if it was playful little arm punches, in an ideal world free of all trace of sexism… yes? But that’s not the world we live in. In the real world, while there is such a thing as female on male violence, domestic or otherwise, I don’t think anyone can argue that a shitload more women get beaten or killed by men than the other way around. So no, of course the reversal of the above situation wouldn’t work.

But – I’ll give it some thought. It never occurred to me that this page would trigger such vehement reactions, so maybe that’s on me.

Full Metal SuperheroI have a book recommendation. This one is not a harem book nor does it have any sex in it (I know, who are you and what have you done with Dave, hah hah) but it is a superhero book, and I’ve been burning through the series ever since I picked up the first one. As you can see (or not, the thumbnail is kind of small) it’s called Arsenal, and is about a wheelchair bound super tinkerer who develops a suit of armor and proceeds to kick a lot of butt. (She can kick in the armor. And walk.) Of course she upgrades the armor constantly. I’m halfway through the 6th book, and I think she’s up to the Mark VII now? Good stuff. Oh, and half the books have egregious cliffhangers, so be prepared for that. :)

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