Okay, so, there were some… mixed reactions to the previous page, which I would prefer not to reignite, so I’ll just say that while Dabbler was obviously listening in, her broader range of relationship experiences means she didn’t think anything of what was going on. I mean if she’s dated an Orc or whatever the grrl-verse equivalent of a Klingon is, then she’s experienced rougher stuff than having a shoe thrown at her. Willingly and eagerly, I feel the sudden need to add. She is both a sadist and masochist by average human standards, but all of that is entirely in pursuit of simple hedonism, which is her primary motivator most of the time.

So I did make minor edits to this page, just to slightly change the vibe coming off the previous scene, but I obviously didn’t plan on a page where Sydney has to sit down with HR over this, and I’m certain I couldn’t write that to everyone’s satisfaction anyway, so I guess… fanfic that scene in your head if you need to and let’s move on?

Did you know that “Klingon” is in the Windows inline spell checker, but “klingon” isn’t? That seems weird to me, because you don’t capitalize race names. I think it looks better if you do, which is why I capitalized “Orc,” but human, horse, elf, yarzarian? (also not in the windows dictionary). Not capitalized. Arguably, Klingon could be a nationality, which are capitalized, but they’re basically a monoculture. They have the different houses, which I assume function like miniature city-states, but they’re all still Klingons. Anyway, I thought it was weird, and I think we should capitalize race names, at least for sapients.

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