So not a whole lot happening on this page really. I just wanted to establish the new setting, at least the exterior. It’s too bad I’m miserable at architecture though. I think the basic exterior looks ok, but everything surrounding it is massively underdeveloped. That’s ok, cause I put in a shitty looking crane on the edge so you can tell it’s still under construction sort of. Hopefully they’re still working on a lot of the trim around the lower parts. Also I realized I put landing pads on the roof but there’s nowhere doors. We’ll just say there’s stairways that are flush with the roof. Only, you can see the skylight, and we know what the room underneath that looks like. Oh well. Honestly constructing this building was the first thing I’ve done in Sketchup in more than a year, I’m surprised it came out as good as it did. Don’t be too surprised if this page receives a few stealth tweaks as I build a more refined model.

The team doesn’t occupy the whole building, they have some garage and basement space, and the top few floors along with the roof, and some offices somewhere below that. At least, this is where the bulk of the intelligence gathering and the command structure is, and where the main team deploys from. Floor 1, 2 and -1 is basically a mini mall, and there is retail offices space throughout the rest of the building. The areas the team occupies is physically separated from all that though, separate elevators, garage space, entrances/exits, all that.

Why is the team in a high rise instead of some… fort? Well, they’re really small at the moment. Less than 100 people including intelligence and all the other office people, and… I don’t know, that’s just how I always imagined it. Hopefully I’ll be able to justify it at some point, cause I imagine it’ll come up in the comic.