OMG we’re finally free! We’re leaving the parking lot behind us! I could have done more there and kept it entertaining I think, like Achilles breaking free of the gurney so that the ArcSWAT ‘regulars’ could show off their stuff, making Sydney think she had to finally reveal what’s in the tube to stop him only to realize the top is locked making me wonder what her plan was in the bank and yadda yadda etc. BUT, we’ve lingered here long enough so let’s move forward eh?

Some of you may have noticed that I modeled our yet unnamed general after a certain actor, in an attempt to make my male characters a bit more visually distinct. I was banking on my inability to do a decent likeness to keep that from being too obvious, but it would seem that one of the disadvantages of drawing a comic every week is that your art improves a bit, go figure. I may have to go back and revise him cause honestly it’s a little distracting.

And while I pat myself on the back for my mad art skills, it looks like Maxima was played by 4 different actresses on this page. :P Oh well.