Not everyone had a bad night of sleep. Well, okay, maybe they didn’t quite get enough sleep, but it wasn’t a bad night. A little awkward in the aftermath. And the afterhiro. Hur hur.

Ug. That actually sounds kind of gross, now that I think about it.

It is a little odd that Math would be squicked out by a MFM. You’d think a guy like that would be down for anything short of crossing swords. Maybe it’s just weird cause it’s a teammate/friend, or maybe… well, we don’t actually know what went down last night. I’ll leave the particulars up to your imagination, but also remind you that Cora can turn her limbs into whatever she has schematics for >coughtentaclescough<.

Dabbler would be amusing to hang around if you could cut her off after the first 20% of whatever she’s up to. Hearing about how she took X, Y or Z to bed, or sometimes X, Y and Z, could be entertaining. The middle 50% of her tale would be increasingly TMI for most people, and the remainder would have most sensible people suddenly excusing themselves from the room. There are some details only other succubi would want to hear about.

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