Peggy once mentioned to Sydney that after a while, one can zone out while exercising. This isn’t exactly what she meant. Sydney’s barely upright at this point. You know how some racetracks are in a loop, but they have that little “Q” tail on one end? Every time Sydney got to that she just kept running straight until she realized she was running on grass.

At the last minute, I decided to put those <> brackets on Cora and Dabbler’s conversation, and make it so they’re having a private conversation in an alien language. I don’t think it would matter how tired she is, Sydney would be annoyed by having to listen in on that sort of thing. Not that it would matter too much. She’s going to be plodding along super slow there, and Dabbler has a lot of endurance normally, and is also jogging on those digitigrade legs, which gives her a greater stride and a little more spring, so she’s blow past Sydney pretty quickly. Of course, Cora is straight up cheating. She can hit around 45 MPH on those treads. A light jog is practically her idle speed.

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