I had this page written, penciled and inked when I realized I forgot to include Maxima explaining the “Archon” on the building. Luckily I had a big establishing shot of the lobby which you can’t see anymore. Well it’s not the last time we’ll be here I imagine. Plus now I can touch it up a little since my architectural skills are slightly less advanced that a kid with Duplo blocks. Not lego mind you. Duplo.

Getting all this explanation out of the way is going to make for a short press conference, or at least to the reader, since I’ll be able to sum it all up with a “One Explanation Later” caption. That actually makes for better pacing though, so let’s tell everyone who’s a new reader by then that I planned it that way.

Oh and Maxima covering up her face with her salute? That’s called poor planning. Learn from my mistakes. Also, drawing people salute is surprisingly challenging. Especially from that angle.

I know Sydney’s head looks weird on the first panel and I forgot ‘co-ed’s’ glasses, I’ll fix that.