Welcome to what’s informally known as the Archon Professional Ladies League. Informally, because no one calls it that. And definitely no one calls it “Lunch with my bitches.” But sometimes Max likes to sit down with educated professional ladies and eat a watercress sandwich. They talk about being at the tops of their respective fields and the pressures and challenges they face. Sometimes they talk about boys, too.

The existence of the APLL was kinda sorta hinted at way back on this page. Also I thought I’d link that page because that wiener joke makes me laugh every time.

If anyone is wondering, Peggy assigned Sydney a FN Five-seveN as her sidearm. It uses a relatively small 5.7×28mm cartridge and the standard magazine holds 20 rounds. Yes, hitting a target 11 out of 20 times is not too impressive, especially if you look at the piece of paper Sydney is holding when she busts into the room. She hit the paper 11 out of 20 times, but Peggy thought Sydney could do with the distraction today and told her that it counted.  Not exactly up to the standards of a super elite military team, but considering Sydney’s abilities, it’s not like they’d kick her off the team if she could only hit 1 out of 20 shots. As long as she can hit what she’s aiming at with the PPO. Anyway, Syndey seems to be over her nightmare at the moment. Let’s see how long her caffeine and ‘shooting guns at things’ high can sustain her.

Yes, Sydney still squeaks every time she fires a gun.

For some reason I decided to have Sydney holding the sheet backwards. It’s an actual target with the silhouette bust on it, not just some blank butcher paper or something.

You know, on the one hand, it’s a little odd that Sydney is excited about cutting a car in half, considering the powers she has. She already sliced up a tank, but… she didn’t do it with a machine gun, so I guess she’s just excited about doing some Mythbusters level shit.

An Orc at College: A Contemporary Sword and Sorcery Harem Fantasy by [Lawson, Liam]Random book recommendation for you guys. I’ve been enjoying this series called An Orc at College. It’s modern fantasy, harem… well, kind of harem light. Some books go overboard with it, but the relationships in this feel a little more natural. The thing I like about it most is its amusing reading about humans (mostly, there are other species like elves, beast kin, nagas and whatever, but mostly humans) through the eyes of an orc, along with a little cultural dissection. The orc is smart, though, he’s at college studying magic. Someone makes him a pair of glasses that give him a HUD that helps him decipher others’ emotions, because orc emotions are usually pretty straight forward, like “biting your face because of anger” and “biting your face because of lust.” Well, not really, but the glasses basically turn the world into a kind of dating game even though he’s not actually looking for a mate. Anyway:
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