I think the press will ultimately have a bit more of a negative reaction to being lied to about Dabbler’s origin, but it was always the plan to come clean about it once existence of aliens was undeniable. It’s just happening waaaay sooner than anyone thought it would. I initially thought about having some of the press grumbling about it after Dabbler spills it on panel 4, but as usual, Suzie just rolls with it and cuts to the chase.

While these events unfolding the way they did aren’t Sydney’s fault, it definitely would have all gone down differently if she hadn’t been involved. Although, the Alari colony ship making its way to Earth would still have probably happened.

Hmm. Well, if the team hadn’t interfered with Sciona’s portal, she would have arrived on Alar before whatever those things were attacked. Sciona’s plan was to lead a force back through and begin a takeover of Earth. Though Sciona hadn’t planned on just launching an offensive. She was going to do it behind the scenes, so… honestly it’s hard to say if Sydney decelerated or accelerated the extra terrestrial reveal.

I’m still not sure about that green top for Dabbler. I tried a number of colors there, but purple skin with teal stripes does make certain color combinations difficult for her. A peach top actually looked pretty good, but it also kind of looked like she was nude and wearing purple opera gloves. And a bunch of purple makeup on her face I guess. Blue is usually a good solution for her, as long as it’s doesn’t match her hair color too closely, but with the blue drape in the back, and the sky blue UN flag behind her, nothing looked good besides a green that didn’t match her stripes, black, or red.

And yes, I know the US flag is hung wonky. People have said it’s supposed to be flipped around with the stars on the left side when it’s hung vertically, but that seems crazy to me. When it’s horizontal, the stars are at the top left, then if you rotate it 90° clockwise, it winds up how I have it. To put it the ‘right’ way, you have to first flip the horizontal flag left to right, then rotate it 90° counterclockwise. That makes no sense to me. It’s stuff like that which makes the world unnecessarily complicated.

I try not to get political with the comic, but dealing with military personnel and civilization shifting press conferences, it’s hard to at least not dip into that realm just a bit from time to time. I wasn’t sure how else to end this page, but I thought a gag about citizenship would be fitting. Someone in the press corps would definitely ask about it, so Dabbler preempted it. Of course, it’s not like she could be an illegal alien. The government knows she’s here. At the very least she’d have some sort of work visa, right?

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