Okay so, the pacing of this page is a little weird. If you read the panel order literally, it might seem like Maxima waited for the Fel ship the hit the atmosphere and dropped all the way down and started firing before she responded to the question. You know, for dramatic effect. Granted, a ship like that could traverse the 300 miles of atmosphere pretty quickly, especially considering something like 90% of the air is in the bottom 1o miles. Given unknown levels of alien tech like deflector fields or whatever, they could potentially largely ignore drag. Really, the biggest issue would be the sudden stop, assuming they could travel 300 miles in a few seconds. But that’s easy to explain as well. Any ship capable of accelerating to warp speeds has to have some kind of inertia dampener or cancellation device so the crew and everything inside the ship doesn’t get atomized when the accelerate to 80x lightspeed in 4 seconds.

So, while they could maybe have actually cut through the atmosphere in like 4 seconds, just assume the chronology of the middle panels is actually interleaved a bit with Max trying to get the press to safety. Just… the page layout would look wonky if I drew it that way.

Max’s “When a special forces colonel tells you to take shelter, it’s usually a good idea to do it.” line isn’t quite a pithy as “I am a bomb disposal technician. If you see me running, try and keep up.” but it’s probably equally good advice. Less clever is Sydney’s shirt that reads “I am an ADHD riddled superheroine, if I am acting distractible and agitated then that’s perfectly normal.”

The Wraith: Danger Close (Superhero by Night Book 4) by [Haskell, Jeffery H.]Oh, forgot to add this last night. The 4th Wraith book is available for preorder. This is Jeffery H. Haskell’s super powered Punisher-esque series, so if you like super vigilantes killing the balls out of really evil bad guys instead of bothering with all that wussy justice system stuff, then you might like this series. This is also his teamup book where Wraith teams up with his other hero, Arsenal, who is a proper hero, except for that time she genocided a species but it’s okay because they were all bad.


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