Yes, Cora’s idea of gearing up for the big fight is proper battle armor. Granted, it’s mostly force fields full of <strike>food coloring</strike> holograms, but her for-serious battle getup has extra projectors and she also teleports in extra hard points that are held in place by the force fields, so that she can rotate out weaponry as needed. Remember she uses the same teleporter system that Dabbler does.

Dabbler’s battle gear is… yeah, a corset. In her defense, it’s some sort of battle corset. Definitely enchanted. +2 lift at least. Dabbler’s not so much into the separate. +1 cleavage. Also some serious projectile defense. Probably some elemental resistances. Honestly I changed her outfit because I didn’t like that green keyhole shirt I drew her in.

My original idea for the Fel was a little too close to chaos marines. Basically futuristic military dudes plus like, evil clerics and general corruption, but when it came to draw them I realized my initial idea could probably use a little development. So, now they’re more like… I dunno. The Flood meets Guyver? Kinda. They’re one of those characters (collectively) that will probably evolve a bit the more pages they appear on.

The Wraith: Danger Close (Superhero by Night Book 4) by [Haskell, Jeffery H.] The 4th Wraith book is still available for preorder.

This is Jeffery H. Haskell’s super powered Punisher-esque series, so if you like super vigilantes killing the balls out of really evil bad guys instead of bothering with all that wussy justice system stuff, then you might like this series. This is also his teamup book where Wraith teams up with his other hero, Arsenal, who is a proper hero, except for that time she genocided a species but it’s okay because they were all bad.


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