Harem might have polyamory down to a science, but that doesn’t mean all of her advice will be applicable to anyone but herself.

The masculine of ‘mistress’ is actually ‘master.’ I mean, it’s obvious if you think about it, but of course no one uses that term to mean that because of gender biases in English, (and probably most languages, come to think of it). According to a quick internet search, Sydney’s last guess ‘manstress’ seems to be the most widely accepted alternate, but even so, no one really says that either. Instead it’s boy-toy or sugar daddy or something a little more descriptive depending on the role the man is filling.

See now, if I was Harem, I think it would be pretty amazing to “date” someone while doing certain other activities. Skydiving for instance. Riding a roller coaster. Something where you can make a shitload of noise anyway and no one would give it a second thought. The only problem with doing something that makes your stomach do flip flops while other parts of you do flip flops is that it could set the bar for future encounters really high. Like, beyond the capabilities of even a high end shower head with the really nice massage setting.

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