There’s probably a bit more to polyamory than what Harem says, but that’s got to be a pretty good starting point. Obviously things get more complicated when people start talking about marriage, but that’s almost entirely because the laws in most countries don’t deal with that sort of thing. Things get really bonkers when a marriage of 3, or more people breaks up and you have to start dividing assets. Image a five-way when three people stay in and two leave or something. Yikes.

Please ignore the weird, counter-high table that Harem is laying on. I may have messed up the framing a bit and even with how short Sydney is, I needed to elevate Harem so everyone fit in the frame along with the word bubbles.

Tables are supposed to be slightly lower than countertops. It’s one of those things we all know even if we don’t think about it. There’s actually a lot of things we “know” until it comes time to draw them. Like how high doorknobs are. Or how high the bottom part of cabinets are. Not the ones on the floor. Upper cabinets. The ones on the wall over the countertops. I don’t know if they have their own name. I’m sure they do, actually, but I don’t care enough about cabinets to google it.

So I said Michael-Scott Earle is back online. You can get his back catalog of books at his website, but now the Kickstarter for the next Tamer book is up. It’s doing okay – It got funded in under 3 hours, and as of when I’m writing this, it’s only $5K from the $50K stretch goal of increasing the word count of the story from 80K to 100K. (Most of the rest of his novels are around 80K for comparison.) The nutty thing about MSE is that’s like 2 extra days of writing for him.

Anyway, if you’re not familiar with Tamer yet and only listen to audiobooks, there’s good news. MSE has decided to redo the Tamer audiobooks because he’s thinking he probably can’t get back the guy who did the first few now a year later. The great thing about this is the new narrator is actually 2 narrators. There’s a guy doing narration and male dialog, and a woman doing all the female dialog, and man, is it so much better than listening to a guy read female dialog in falsetto. The other great thing is the first book is free, and the second book might be free, but they’re both pay what you like, and I chipped in a few bucks so I’m not sure. Actually I think the second book is $1 to download cause it costs him a little bit each time, but still free to stream, so check them out.

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