There are probably a lot of psychologists who would like to take a crack at Sydney… Well, maybe not. She’s not that complicated really. A ton of ADHD, lots of humor deflection-itis, whatever that’s called, a little Peter Pan Syndrome. Probably some other stuff, but fairly straightforward. Still, even if her diagnosis is fairly pedestrian, she’s going to be one of those patients that requires a little overtime.

This page does give us some new important information about Dr. Frost though. Nothing to do with imagined powers though. Apparently she sleeps above the sheets. And doesn’t wear a bra to sleep. I’m actually pretty sure almost no women do, but I just wanted to point out I drew her breasts right where they should be when a braless woman is laying on her back. In her armpits.

And I mean… if she had ice powers, wouldn’t the tips of her hair be blue and not red? Unless they’re… RED HAIRING TIPS!

Bam. Planned it.



Okay, I didn’t.

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