Exciting scheduling and making evening plans! I know what you guys come here for.

And yes, Krona Bips her ear, and then I didn’t draw anything in her ear. I guess she’s got the same invisible bluetooth earpieces that the Avengers use.

I think the more important question, Kat, is can rabbits swim? Actually, I assume just about any quadruped can doggy paddle. I mean, a horse can swim. Or… kind of kick around in the water. I’m not sure if not immediately drowning counts as swimming. I can’t say I’ve ever seen a video of a rabbit swimming though.

I’m not sure where the Semper Vigilantis are exactly. It’s either some sort of underground pool, or just a covered one designed to look like a cave. It’s probably somewhere off to the side of where the Twilight Council had their meeting with Arc-SWAT back before the whole Sciona thing kicked off. Given that there are some aquatic or at least amphibious members on the council, it makes sense they would have a variety of accommodations. It’s weird seeing Scarlett there though. There’s nothing about vampire lore that says that they can’t swim, but you never really think of vampires as big swimmers.

Yes, some legends say they can’t cross running water, which is supposed to refer to rivers I think, but it would really screw vampires with that limitation trying to navigate any modern city with a sewage system, storm drains, municipal or residential plumbing. Sure, there’s probably some ratio of how much water it has to be vs. how far they are from it in order to affect the vampire. Otherwise a vampire could get trapped whenever the sprinklers go off.

Now, if a high level priest could bless a city’s aquifer, the sprinklers would be a serious problem for vamps. Also fire sprinklers, water fountains, etc. Your local pastor couldn’t pull that off. That guy is what, probably a level 3 cleric? He could do a wheelbarrow full of water balloons all at once, tops. But I’m betting a bishop could do a medium sized aquifer. Well, maybe a water tower.

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