NdGT isn’t a patron of the comic, but I couldn’t help but think that if someone had traveled to deep space, met aliens and then returned, every goddamned scientist in the world would want to hear all about it. The science community brought out the big guns for this and gambled that Sydney would know who he is and be a fan. He was probably already in town for Dabbler and Cora’s press conference already.

Honestly she should have known who he was the moment he spoke. He’s got this patient cadence to his voice that’s pretty distinct.

Sydney isn’t blabbing anything actually classified here. The stuff she’s not allowed to divulge is how she got into deep space in the first place, that time travel was involved, and that there was a planet killing alien force there. The general news has said that the Alari that were already on Earth were chased off their planet by a hostile force, but haven’t really been able to learn or divulge anything more than that. She is allowed to talk about Fracture Station and her return trip on Cora’s ship, so… she’s in the clear here.

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