I’m not really sure what Sydney’s goal was here. Buuuuut… basically what happened was after spending maybe an hour with NdGT, in Sydney’s mind, she jumped straight from “I know this guy because he’s famous and is now an acquaintance of mine” to “We’re both famous and he’s super interested in hearing about my travels and travails in space, therefore we’re best friends and sometimes friends prank each other.”

If you’re just joining us or forgot what Grakz is, see this page, and this follow up page and the one after that.

TL:DR; basically it’s super hot alien food that’s ten times hotter on the way out.

Neil can handle his heat, but the surprise factor of Grakz probably caught him a little off guard.

I don’t know how Sydney paid for the Grakz, but after all the traffic that dude’s food stand got after those videos went viral, he was probably happy to comp her a to-go container.

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