Sydney is going to find it’s increasingly difficult to go anywhere anonymously. Also, if they’re trying to get into a nightclub, putting already-young-looking Sydney in twintails may not be tactically advisable.

Harem really can steal anything, so long as she can touch it and it’s under her fairly restrictive weight limit. (It’s like 1/5-ish of her body weight – considering she’s a lean, if slightly tall and muscular woman, it’s works out to like 25 pounds. ) She’s hardly unique in this regard when it comes to teleporters. She’s slightly better than Nightcrawler though. She can’t move as much weight as him, and she makes a loud noise when she teleports, but she doesn’t leave a nasty smell behind. Unless she had been making out with a guy wearing Axe Body Spray. Hah, I kid, she would never do that.

I haven’t figured out why punk-Harem-in-a-wig and co-ed Harem are wearing the same dress. Maybe she was adjusting the hem and using herself as the dressing mannequin. And had two of the same dress for some reason.

Harem’s apparel budget must be astronomical. Obviously she can share outfits between herselves, she’s all the same size. (Supers don’t gain body fat in the Grrl-verse, but if she really wanted to, she could put muscle on one of herselves. She doesn’t want to. I’m just saying it’s possible.) Still, when Harem does laundry, you know that panty clothesline thing they do in animes? It’s like 500 feet long. Happosai loses his god-damned mind on Harem’s panty-line day.

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