Sydney trying to ‘sploit her genre knowledge has every chance of backfiring. That or she didn’t call out the right thing. Maybe “Smash cut to me stumbling out of an exploded massage parlor!” or “…an exploded chicken nugget factory!” or “…an exploded warehouse full of open topped vats of chemicals where someone definitely fell in and became a supervillain!”

Honestly, anyone attacking wherever these ladies winds up would be in for a hell of a surprise, suddenly facing a mix of Arc-SWAT, Arc-LIGHT, and Semper Vigilatis. Also Olivia. Not sure how her Zumba classes would help, but you know they would somehow be the key to victory.

Evidently, a side effect of lycanthropy for some people is a bit of a step up in the cup size department. I seem to have accidentally drawn Kat with a bit extra up top. (She’s the straw blonde in the green top for those of you who don’t recall the 5 pages she appeared in at the Twilight Council meeting. She’s a were-hare.) Not sure if that’s going to be canon. The new big boobs thing, not the were-hare thing. That’s locked in. But who knows, maybe she borrowed a magic bra from Decolette.

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