Happy thanksgiving to those of you who do that sort of thing.

So this is the other big difference between a human girl and a preadolescent succubus. Their tantric needs are marginal, and if you’re a young succubus living with her mom, there’s going to be some to spare. Just little blobs of tantric energy tucked in some Tupperware containers in the fridge. Actually I’d think you’d want your tantric energy hot, but demons probably have a microwave equivalent. Micro Hellfire.

If there really was a Target or something in little Succubus Town, they could charge admission. Actually, little Succubus Town could charge admission for people wanting to do some quality sightseeing, and the thing is, the succubi probably wouldn’t mind at all. Especially if the admission fees counted against their property taxes or HOA fees or something.

I don’t know why I find the idea of… well, not hell, literally – in the Grrl-verse, demons really are aliens that live on other planets, but imagining their worlds as hell-like… but also weirdly modern in a lot of ways – is something that I find really amusing. Like, yeah, there’s rivers of brimstone and ancient fortresses and vast dungeon complexes, but there’s also chain restaurants and broadband and sports teams and colleges and star ports.  I guess in a lot of ways it’d be like Japan or parts of Europe, where there’s the old world and the new world across the street from each other. Yes, there’s a crypt of unfathomable evil, but right next to it is a quickie mart that sells dungeoneering supplies. And across the street is “Sal’s Trustworthy Appraisals” that identifies and appraises dungeon loot, for a reasonable fee of course. And right next to that is a Malefactor Pylon, but it won’t corrupt your soul if you stay out of the cordoned off area.

I thought there might be some speculation about the identity of Tamatha’s mentor, but there’s only so many possibilities from the pool of characters I’ve already introduced… plus I forgot about her choker till the last minute, and that pretty much gives it away.

It’s Decollete.

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