While Sydney sometimes wishes she had a larger chest, she’s not the kind of girl that’s ever gone shopping for a guy by putting the twins on display. In fact, with the exception of a few cosplay outfits, she has almost no V-neck shirts. The vast majority of her wardrobe is T-shirts. She has a button down shirt… excuse me, blouse, somewhere in the back of her closet for the rare occasions where she needs one. But as a self employed technically-an-adult, she gets to wear basically whatever she wants. Prior boyfriends were acquired mostly though mutual interests in geek stuff, at cons, via game nights around some tabletop game.

Of course, now that she’s in Archon, she has a few more button down shirts, but it’s not like she’s going to traipse around in her dress uniform shirt with the top 5 buttons undone. Harem definitely would, as long as no one who outranks her is looking.


An Orc in College 6 is available for preorder.

Tamer 6! If you didn’t get in on the Kickstarter, the book is available on MSE’s website now. The audiobook will be available in a week or so. They’re really good because they dual narration. No guys doing falsetto for the female parts, and no female narrators doing whatever the opposite of falsetto is for male dialog, which makes them sound like pubescent boys trying to sound tough. I’m not sure which is worse actually.

There’s finally a new vote incentive! I was trying to redo this old pinup of Max. The new one is higher detail, and a bit better anatomically, but it’s still lacking something. Well, saturation for one thing. I hope to do a little work on it yet, but we’ll see.



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