Really they should have just known to follow Sydney. All the good stuff happens to her. It’s like she has a luck field around her, only it’s an “Adventure Impetus Field.” I guess that should be added to her official unofficial list of powers.

Krona’s console says “Moonjump” BTW. That’s just the base mod that puts a 1/6th gravity effect on herself. Krona’s probably rocking about 94 pounds. 1/6th of that is like 16 pounds. That’s not a lot, but I’m not sure her legpower would get her up to the roof of the club. She has a multiplier on the Moonjump so she only weighs about 8 pounds now. That part is easy for her to code. The hard part was making it so she doesn’t blow away by the lightest breeze when she’s mid-jump. She had to make it so she weighs 1/12 normal to gravity, but retains her mass in respect to other forces of nature.

So yeah, her time-loop-sort-of-but-not-really kerfuffle notwithstanding, she’s actually a pretty good programmer.

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