Okay, a few things that need to be discussed:

1) Yes, Sydney is a dummy for not immediately putting up her shield. We do know that she’s probably had a painkiller and a chocolate cake shot. At least. There’s not a ton of alcohol between the two of those, but knowing the group she came with, someone bought a bunch of shots for the table. Pixel in her tiny human form almost can’t get drunk before her stomach fills up unless she chugs something extra high octane like Hapsburg Gold Label Premium Reserve Absinthe, Bruichladdich X4 Quadrupled Whiskey, or The Deep King’s Reserve Dwarven Whiskey.

That last one isn’t real. Well, in the Grrl-verse it probably is.

My point is, Sydney doesn’t have crazy lycanthrope metabolism, and she weighs like 102 lbs. Well, after the grakz incident, she’s down to about 97. So she might be a little buzzed.

And you know what they say. Don’t mix alcohol and vigilante stop juice.

2) Oh no! Sydney is paralyzed and helpless except obviously she’s not because she can control the obs with her mind so I wonder what happens on the next page.

3) Now I’m sad because I was kind of getting used to Sydney with the pink twintails and sawtooth bangs. It’s certainly easier to draw than her usual floppy rabbit ear bangs that I’m positive can’t exist in 3D space. Like, if I, or more likely, someone else, tried to model her in 3D, it would be challenging if not actually impossible. It would have to move around like Lion-O’s hair hook.

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