Krona’s “SWAP” was really designed to work with doors. For those moments when someone is storming out of a room, and she wants them to look like a fool, and they throw open the door and walk smack into a wall.

It’s one of her .EXE’s that has taken a long time to develop. Sometimes there’s not enough room next to the door to do the swap, and the door winds up jutting into a closet, so she added a “Are you sure?” query to the hack. It’s also something she had to revise the first time she used it in a mall entrance, one of those ones where the door is flanked with glass. There were alignment issues. And lacerations.

Then there was the time she tried to use it on a revolving door. That was almost as bad as her failed checkpoint / time travel foible.

She’s used it on other things. Swapping an empty glass for a nearby full one, swapping an enemy’s shoes, you know, right for left so they’re weirdly uncomfortable and they can’t tell why right away. In a panic once she used it on someone’s shoulder holster as they were reaching for their gun. That would be pretty confusing. They grab a magazine instead and have to look down and realize their gun was on the other side, probably pull it out in the their off hand, then switch hands before using it.

Of course if she can do that, she could probably also make them bang their funny bone on something real hard, which I think would impair their ability to shoot for even longer.

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