I don’t know what to tell you guys, I thought of a dumb joke and went with it.

To be fair to Elsbeth, this isn’t the first time she’s pulled the wrong thing out of her book. Luckily she’s never looked up “plutoniub” or “bubonic plaque.”

I haven’t actually figure out all the rules of Ellie’s book. She calls it cursed, but that’s mostly because it’s locked around her waist and no one can get it off. That’s one of those curses that’s half useful and half annoying. Obviously the book is a powerful magic item, so you don’t want someone bad wandering off with it, but it’s also really uncomfortable to sleep with a bulky chain locked around your waist. Ellie’s solution thus far is to sleep in a corset that goes between her skin and the chain. Not a laced up compressing one, just something fairly rigid to distribute the pressure points where the chain would normally jab her.

As far as what all she can extract from the book, it’s one of those things where the book would normally extract a price in life force whenever it’s used, but she figured out that if she feeds objects into the book before hand, it just acts like an alphabetized book of holding. So really, she’s limited to whatever she can supply it with in the first place. As a Semper Vigilatis, she does have access to a pretty good library of gear. She can just requisition a half dozen flashbangs, a Glock 19 with 6 mags of hollow point, 6 AP, and 2 silver because they’re more expensive. We’ve already seen that she keeps a SCAR with one of those double drum clips on it.

I’m sure at some point the Vigilanti’s QM was running the numbers and realized Ellie had like $400K of ordnance in that book and made her give back half of it.

Hey guys, I wrote a book! It has nothing to do with Grrl Power. It’s actually Tamer fanfiction, and it’s free! I mean, obviously it’s free. Tamer isn’t my IP so I’m not going to try and sell a derivative work. Anyway, you can check it out here.




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