Sydney’s been building up a bit of a backlog while she had to silently sit out the fight. You know how she is.

So Krona’s chemical isolator is an “active” effect, meaning she needs to keep it going for it to work. That’s why she can toggle it on and off like that. She does have a more… active purge, but there aren’t any drains nearby.

Dabbler was using her tail to arrest her fall. I wasn’t quite sure how to illustrate that on the page so I just drew a picture of her butt. Obviously the most important question Sydney asked was “Has Dabbler always had a tail?” You would think that the answer is no, but it’s a little more complicated than that. I’m sure the answers to some of her questions will come up in the next few pages.

I wrote a book! It has nothing to do with Grrl Power. It’s actually Tamer fanfiction, but like, 120K words of it, and it’s free! It has dinosaurs, action, humor, xenoanthropology, and smexy times. Check it out here!

Edit: There is a revised edition out now with a ton of fixes. I mixed up “farther” and “further” in a few places and left out a ton of hyphens. Apparently if you say twenty four hours instead of twenty-four hours then no one can possibly crack your code. Take that, Enigma machine! Also there were some legit then/they, an/and goofs and assorted word duplications and punctuation errors. If you’ve been holding off on recommending this book to your friend who likes harem sci-fi pulp but is also an English teacher, you should be good to go.

Double res version will be posted over at Patreon. Feel free to contribute as much as you like!