I didn’t plan on doing a foot shot of both my digitigrade characters in the same panel, but if you’re super into pictures like that which also happen to have a tightly bound woman in the background… I guess you’re welcome. If you’re thinking Aranea looks a few arms short, they’re wrapped up behind her.

Tamatha is obviously concerned about her genealogy. It’s tough in our society to find positive examples of demons in our media. She’s living in a state of eroding denial about her nature.

Aranea has gone in a more proactive direction. In her defense, there are some demons who are real jerks. And by jerks I mean supermurder psychopaths. It would be racist to suggest it’s because they’re demons, but some of them aren’t well socialized. Okay, they’re well socialized for certain segments of demon society, which trends towards… macho most of the time. Demons are largely more civilized these days, but there are some that cling to the old ways. Still, Aranea crossed a line nabbing Tamatha.

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Edit: There is a revised edition out now with a ton of fixes.




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