As most of you predicted, Sydney did not bust the range record. Her HUD glasses did help though. Quite a bit, actually. Her previous record was hitting the paper 11 out of 21 times. Now she’s hitting the page with nearly every shot. She just has to dial it in a bit more to hit the actual target.

I’m not sure why I decided to write a page about shooting basics. I myself am far from an expert, and Peggy would have definitely covered this stuff with Sydney. Still, there’s something to be said for repetition, especially with someone who might not have absorbed it the first time. Possibly because she was busy picturing herself as the next John Wick or something.

Apparently Peggy has impressed upon the other “normal” super elite soldier that walking around with a bit more stopping power on their hips is important. I’m not sure .454 Casull is where it’s at, but, those guns can be chambered with specialized buckshot in addition to a variety of slugs, and when it comes to fighting supers, variety can be important.

Speaking of stormtroopers… it would be interesting to see a movie or some long form TV show where the rank and file soldiers aren’t laughably incompetent and are actually crack shots. I don’t know if it could actually be done. You’d have to either write any encounter with them where the heroes have some amazing tactical or technological advantage that lets them pull a victory out of their ass, or the heroes would have to be so good that they would have to be that universe’s equivalent of superheroes. I guess that could be done, but then what’s the point of having the canon fodder all be marksmen if the heroes are immune to gunfire?

You ever notice that stormtroopers are all amazing shots when they’re shooting at a Jedi who is holding a lightsaber? It would be harder to deflect shots if every other shot was coming at your legs, or just barely close enough to your side that you’d risk a scorched elbow, but when a Jedi is holding a lightsaber, every stormtrooper in the world can hit center mass every time. But if the Jedi holsters his saber, the troopers all automatically shoot wide. I guess they like aiming at the bright thing.

I updated the vote incentive! Still trying my hand at painting. It’s coming along, but I’ve still got a ways to go.





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