I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard this music track.

The reason Peggy isn’t manning the gun range today is because I meant to show Sydney’s upgraded glasses the very next time she went shooting, but she already went. So I decided that Peggy is a big believer in safety goggles, and… I guess Sydney doesn’t like wearing the goggles over her admittedly weirdly huge lenses.

I’ve been to a shooting range only one time, for a beginner “rent a few different kinds of pistols and shoot them” thing, and I actually did get an ejected piece of brass stuck behind my glasses for like half a second. It wasn’t pressed up against my eye though, thankfully. And of course, some woman in a V-neck shirt got one down her top. There’s probably never been a day at any shooting range where that hasn’t happened at least once. I mean, can you blame the brass?

Dabbler has a similar system in her cybernetic eye. It scans the exterior of a gun as well as some of its internals, then projects a calculated crosshair based on the vanishing point drawn by the barrel shape as it’s pointed away from the wielder. It’s not as accurate as something with a smart jack built into it, but… it’s still pretty accurate, especially once a few rounds are fired and it can calibrate.

Arc-SWAT is hilariously casual. Seneca is from the Air Force Special Tactics Squadron, which is like the Air Force equivalent of the SEALS I guess? They don’t seem to have a cool name though, like “Rangers” or “Delta Force.” Just “STS” I guess. Anyway, I have no idea what rank Seneca would be, so let’s just say Master Sergeant. A raw recruit would not normally be addressing a MSgt by her first name like that. Like, probably never, actually. Maybe if they were both off duty and off base.

Of course, as you can probably tell from this page, Seneca is pretty laid back. She’s more of a “you seem vaguely aware of the risks, go for it.” kind of instructor.

Edit: For those who don’t recall Cora making new glasses for Sydney.

Edit 2: Okay, I added a thought bubble trim on panels 3 and 4 to help indicate that it’s a Sydney daydream.

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