No plot movement in this installment, but I always had this scene in my head where Sydney meets the upper ranks of the team and steels herself for it by making it be known that they better watch their P’s and Q’s, whatever that means.

The general needs a name since he’ll be officially introduced on the next page. I’d call him General Hedaya but that might be a little obvious. Gwen’s reaction is heavily inspired by the scene in Alien 4 when it all starts going south, the alarms sound and it shows the General (played by Hedaya) sit up in bed wearing a tank top. Some woman behind me in the theater said very loudly “Oh my god that guy is so hairy.” Seriously I’ve seen comedy sketches where they glue hair onto someone so they can make jokes about body hair where the guy in the sketch was considerably less hairy than Hedaya.

I don’t know why, but this page took soooo long to draw. I watched 6 episodes of Cadfael and 14 of the old Mission Impossible series while working on it. Granted, it probably wouldn’t take as long if I wasn’t watching stuff out of the corner of eye. Still, Cadfael is good so check that out. It’s… imagine if PBS produced CSI set in the 1100’s. For serious.