This page derailed rather quickly as I wrote it – it was supposed to start off with the General introducing himself and have a joke about her middle name, but the number of gags I crammed into the page make up for it in my opinion.

It would be classier to let someone else point this out in the comments, but I’m pleased that in Sydney’s own fantasy, Wolvie is less that totally on board with the situation. I wrote it, realized it didn’t make sense, then came to my senses and realized it is of course far better that way. Also, Sydney in a dress? Never thought I’d draw that.

I also like that apparently, Sydney thinks that anyone with a number in their name is automatically royalty somehow? That’s what the crown and the Lion King ripoff says to me. What they would be king of is perhaps more of a mystery.

I’m not sure exactly what Arianna is referring to as terrifying, probably either Sydney’s plans to marry a fictional character, complete with “diagrams,” or the thought of her as a parent.

One thing I’ve definitely messed up on doing the comic so far, is that while I’ve discussed Max’s feminism on the cast page and in the comments, I haven’t actually put it in the comic yet, and this page gets a double dose of it. Even a panel of her getting mad at someone for not being able to maintain eye contact with her would have been enough of a set up but oh well, got to start somewhere with it.