Rum raisin only works if you think peach cobbler should have raisins in it. My attitude with raisins is the same as it is with all fruit, which is that it’s not dessert unless it’s swimming in a sugar saturated glaze. Okay, a really good oatmeal cookie is surprisingly tasty, but that’s my only caveat. There’s a circle of hell reserved for people who try and serve fruit salad for dessert. And asian restaurants trying to pass orange slices as dessert? No. Just… no.

I’m not sure about mint ice cream with peach cobbler either. It might be one of those weird combinations that works well like cheddar cheese with apple pie. I imagine Harem discovered that particular combination using two different tongues and decided to try them in the same mouth. She would be the expert on weird taste combinations, as previously alluded to.

So Sydney’s glasses can do more than just display interactive crosshairs. She has no idea how to respond… by which I mean she doesn’t know how to use the interface to send a message back. And also it’s not like she’s the kind of gal to send an intergalactic sext to anyone either. In case anyone was wondering, the crosshairs and other stuff displayed to her on the inside of the glasses doesn’t show on the outside of the glasses.

Personally I’ve always been boggled by dick pics. As far as I’m aware, no one wants to see that. Like, sure, heterosexual females entering puberty probably develop a certain natural curiosity, but I always imagined after googling the subject matter the first time, the reaction is something like “…….huh.” or “……okay….” or even “Ew.” It’s not a handsome protrusion. If it’s the beginning of a relationship and both parties are still in that… third-date-everything’s-new-and-sexy stage, then a little digital back and forth is probably amusing, but beyond that, I assume that adult women have FAR less interest in dick pics than the men who send them seem to think.

That said, Sydney is obviously in that “wheeeeeeeners!” phase.

This was asked on twitter, but I thought I’d address it here since we’re all stuck at home and need more reading material. The question of Jabberwokky’s salary came up. Remember, she’s on a sort of work-release thing here at Archon. She got arrested after the fight at the restaurant, but unlike most of the other supers wrangled into Vehemence’s scheme, she had several warrants out for her. On the books, she’s being paid the same as the other recruits like Sydney, but about 90% her salary is being garnished until she’s paid back several medical bills and replaced a few police cruisers. Jazza wasn’t a “blow up a hospital” kind of supervillain. She was more the “knock over an armored car and hang around to scrap with the police” kind. That still leaves her with a few walking around dollars in her pocket, but she’s technically under house arrest (or in this case, Headquarters arrest) until she’s completed her training, so it’s not like she has a ton of expenses at the moment either.

Archon didn’t want people going out and committing relatively minor crimes in order to audition for the team, and they thought enforced compensation would diminish the number of chaos based applicants.

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