There’s probably an upper limit to how good something can taste, right? I mean, electrochemically in your brain. Or maybe there’s an overload state, once your taste neurons are maxed out, the extra levels of “yum” get dumped on your oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin factories. But probably not. I don’t think it’s possible to taste something so good that you basically have a heroin stroke. I have no idea how taste works. Or heroin.

But those mushrooms are “bend your fork” good at least.

I always wondered if Colossus tasted things the same way in his metal form as his meatbag form. I’m pretty sure The Thing was drawn with a pink human tongue, (as often as he took one on the chin, it’s a wonder his tongue didn’t go flying off panel) but I’m also pretty sure Colossus’s tongue turned to metal.

Maxima’s tongue (and lips and eyes etc) aren’t standard human issue meat any more, but they function exactly as they should. It seems unlikely that there’s some sort of silicone life variant of a tongue that’s cobalt and titanium and is able to taste things exactly like a human tongue, so I’m thinking there’s some layer of translation going on. Like maybe her skimbiote (a slightly upsetting portmanteau I just coined) has a lookup table and when she eats salt, it’s like “oh, okay, stimulate these nodes in the brain that make her think it’s salt.”

Or, maybe everything tastes totally different to her, but her memories of what things taste like have been changed and she thinks everything tastes like it used to before she got her powers.

Carême (the restaurant they’re at) is one of those dining establishments where the average diner is going to drop $750-$2,000 a meal. If a guy shows up in a 2-piece, single breasted suit, they’re shown the door. Deus doesn’t always rock the vest, but he’s always been a double breasted jacket man. Plus, as previously stated, he owns the place. Maxima was right though, as long as she’s reasonably well dressed, they’re not going to turn her away.

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