I’ve said in the past that the reveal is “soon,” well, now I can say it without the quotes. I’m sure Maxima would claim that she was intentionally trying to maneuver Sydney into opening the tube, but it’s really just both of their personalities clashing and the sparks are flying. Something’s got to give.

I like how Arianna is leaning into the frame in panel 8. That’s got to be weird looking from Sydney’s point of view, she just tipped over in her chair to interject something.

Reader Doc Savage suggested I name the General after Peter Falk, which I liked since I’ve been watching a lot of Columbo while I draw. Of course I managed to misspell his last name in the dialog and in the bio, but oh well. It’s more original now.

Oh and if you’re interested, Angela Melick does one of my favorite webcomics, Wasted Talent, which is a cutely drawn and funny autobio comic. Just thought I’d mention it cause her second book is out. She pimps it in a video here.