It seems Maxima’s love affair with Lorlara was short lived.

Panel 6: The implied text there is “Gary, I know this looks bad, but do you want to know what I see? An opportunity. For both of us.”

This is either a baller move, or a sign of overconfidence. Deus isn’t admitting to anything actionable here, but either way it almost seems like he’s bored with the opposition considering what he’s implying.

Make no mistake, he has an actual high end business that provides a legitimate service. Given the small number of supers in the world though, it tends to be more of a “quietly hunt down super powered blackmailers (that aren’t me) after the fact (and possibly offer them a job)” program than a vigilance/safeguard service. The way he finds new clients… might be occasionally… illegal-ish.

I’m not sure what fancy restaurant serves cake pops like a pile of bonbons, but Deus does own the place, so maybe he just likes having some down to earth stuff on the menu. Presumably these are also really good, fresh made cake pops, and not what they usually are, which is leftover cake crumbs mashed together with icing or chocolate. They’re basically the croutons of cake.

I’m also not sure what Maxima ordered there in panel 1 (or where it went in subsequent panels – oops) I think it’s either lime sherbert, or a key lime pie in a wine glass. Either way it’s got gold foil in the dessert and around the rim there. Because it’s a fancy restaurant so they have to embellish stuff like that.

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