Yeah. Earth is apparently open for business. At least some aliens seem to think so.

The first panel here didn’t quite land like I’d hoped. I think if you look at it long enough, you can tell it’s a guy leaning down to look out the windshield of his car at a rocketship that’s landed in the middle of times square. The reason it doesn’t work as well as I’d hoped is because if this was a TV show or a movie, you’d get a clear shot of the guy, then the focus would rack to show the spaceship, and neither one would be at 50% transparency.

I considered cutting the panel in half and doing a focus change, but I thought it’d be too small, and it still does work. It’s not elegant, but you can tell what’s going on if you spend a little time on the panel. Lesson learned for next time I guess.

So… a big part of me is convinced that I’ve seen almost this exact joke somewhere before, but I can’t place it. It could be one of those self-cryptomnesia events where I thought of this joke a long time ago and then when I re-thought of it, I thought I was repurposing it from something else I’d seen – or if I’d actually just recycled someone else’s joke. I hope I haven’t, but I don’t know, this feels like something I would have seen in… I want to say a Men In Black movie? But the aliens are secret in those, so they wouldn’t be wandering around. Well, if I copied this joke from elsewhere then I apologize to whoever popularized it. Or whoever did it first – honestly a scene like this could have appeared in half the books you guys recommended last time.

Speaking of which, there were a lot of great suggestions for space opera or at least sci-fi books under the last post. My wishlist has swollen considerably and I’ll be checking a few of them out at least. I should have mentioned I’d already gotten into some Honor Harrington though. Quite a few recommendations for that. I really liked the technical space battles in them, something I wouldn’t think I’d be into, but I got to something like book 7 or 8 and was like, eh, I get it, and didn’t follow through with the rest of the series. I guess I can always go back to it.

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