Actually, Max, supers are kind of the one thing Earth has going for it, from a galactic POI at the moment, other than being the latest planet on the verge of dipping their toe into galactic society. That definitely gives us a “new” factor, but once the first few waves of tourists come by and sample our wines, quiches, board games, and erotic lady literature, the thing that will keep Earth front and center is the supers.

Yes, Max is a little extra shiny tonight all of a sudden. I guess she wiped her face with one of those Mr. Clean Eraser Sheets or something.

Presumably, the can of “Refreshing Hot Osmium” (sorry it’s small and hard to read) has a disposable fission generator in the bottom of the can to warm it up, but like with any mass produced stuff made in Space China, it’s cheap garbage and like 1 in 17 cans has a busted heating element.

FYI, osmium has a melting point of 3045C, or roughly 5500F, so 1) what the heck is that guy’s arm made of? And 2) Enjoy that little factoid. Commit it to memory. It might save your life one day.

I admit that part of my reason for this page was to draw good pinup type shots of Heatwave, Achilles, and Mr. Amorphous, (I’ve owed Marion G. Harmon some art for a Grrl Power sourcebook for a while. It’s a little embarrassing, honestly.) but it didn’t really work out that way. I thought about having Mr. A standing there flexing his arm while it’s stretched out into an “S” shape while aliens applaud (tepidly, I’d imagine, as there are probably alien races that are a bit stretchy) as that would make for fine Bio art, but that would be about as entertaining for you guys as it would be for the aliens, but almost immediately I was like “Orrrrrr… I could draw a bunch of alien ladies perched on his arms… for… reasons…” You can see which way I went.

Maybe I’ll have to do a nude pinup of Heatwave and use the clothed version for her Bio. I’m not personally excited about doing the same for Achilles and Amorphous, I don’t imagine most of you are clamoring to see that either. Some of you, sure. I had a vague notion of doing a pinup of Hiro for an April fools things, but eh. Maybe I’ll make it a poll over at patreon one day.

Speaking of segues, Daniel Shinhofen’s second Aether’s Revival book is out, if you enjoyed the first one, which I recommended a while back. Also, the audiobook for the first one is available as well.

I personally have become spoiled on dual narrated audiobooks. A female narrator reading female voices is so much better than listening to a dude doing falsetto, and I find listening to women try and do dude’s voices pretty distracting. That said, Andrea Parsneau does a pretty respectable job of it. She’s also prolific AF and does a lot of books in genres I dig, so I’ve been listening to her a lot while I draw recently.

Double res version will be posted over at Patreon. Feel free to contribute as much as you like!