The hardest part about being Cora is coming up with a UI that lets her pull from her quite frankly asinine arsenal in a quick and efficient manner. She hasn’t quite cracked the tech that makes the world slow down when she opens her weapon wheel. “Hmm. Chainfist? Chainsaw fist? Meat tenderizer? Tazer knuckles? Spike fist with DNA collector? Aw, who am I kidding, they wind up with plenty of DNA on them.”

I know what you’re wondering. Has Cora been stabbed and hacked in the limbs enough for her to install a subroutine that makes little clamps to automatically entangle said stabby or hacky implements?

The answer is yes.

It occurs to me that Cora is basically Green Lantern, but just for her own limbs. With more color options.

I had an odd thought while coloring this page. Would Cora’s hard light “metal” armor be reflective? Not like, reflecting lasers, I mean would it reflect the environment? Probably not, right? Unless she programmed it to. (Or more likely, grabbed some open source shader) But if you’re making holographic battle armor to perfectly align with your projected force fields, how much processor time do you devote to rendering? Cora has hella thicc FlOps, so it probably doesn’t matter, but it’s interesting to think about the various iterations of her hard light gear. Like the first version could have been flat shaded, no specular highlights or self shading, leaving her walking around looking like something out of The Last Starfighter (which had some basic ass rendering). I guess she eventually she decided that making her hard light gear actually look like real physical materials would help her in situations where people thought she was wearing nothing but a thin cotton T-Shirt and a pair of Daisy Dukes.

Wondering if she put the effort into making a holographic thin cotton T-Shirt go all transparent when it gets wet?

The answer is yes.

I should mention, Detla’s design is kind of… let’s call it homage to a model made by Dmytro Bajda, who is really good at sculpting skinny girls with sexy lips.

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