Yes, Dabbler has a gun that fires backstab rounds. (See panel 2 if you didn’t notice.)

Yes, yes, I’ve talked before about how people with fake limbs get them chopped off all the time. Well, Cora grew up with all limbs being fake, and she’s used to throwing them in the way of incoming damage to protect her meatier bits. I know, it’s impolite to use the phrase “meatier bits” when talking about a girl. She’ll get over it.

If Dabbler and Cora seems a little bloodthirsty, try to think of them as characters from ARPGs. Dabbler would fit right in with the Diablo/Path of Exile crowd. Cora’s more of a… hmm. There aren’t a lot of really good gun based ARPGs are there? Although, honestly, the Alien/Zombie Shooter games, while very cheap feeling, are pretty dang fun, especially when you realize the first minigun you buy is a real sissy weapon compared to the late game stuff. Like the minigun missile launcher and the one that’s like a machine railgun or whatever.

Dabbler is adjusting to the “try not to go lethal with your opening move” mandate. Cora probably needs to be reminded about that. That said… these alien mercs aren’t American citizens, and don’t have any sort of diplomatic representation, so they’d be okay with wasting these guys, looting them, then kicking their bodies down into the sewer when no one is looking. Really they’re just used to gunning down alien mercs out of reflex.

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