I went back and forth on whether Max should have said “Get your face out of my chest.” or “off my chest.” They both work technically, but I figure past a certain cup size, “out” becomes an option, one might subconsciously favor one over the other, whether or not they tend to draw attention to that fact under normal circumstances.

Ray just can’t turn it off. I suppose once you have some success with a certain tactic, you roll with what you know. Of course, any given approach will have some success rate, up to and probably including introducing yourself as a serial killer who “wants to wear you.” Given that, I don’t know why you’d go with “relentless lothario,” over other more laudable strategies. It’s just how he is.

I gave the Valve Index another shot (I said Vive last time which was the first gen VR gear from Valve, which was wrong) and twiddled the dials on the eye-lens separation thing and I got away without the same eye strain. I also only played for an hour instead of closer to three the first time, so maybe that’s the trick. It’s probably a combination of things. I still can’t get it perfectly focused but I might need prescription lenses for that. Maybe when the next must-play VR game comes out I’ll consider some accessories. That or the next Elder Scrolls game. That would probably be pretty cool to play in VR if they put the slightest effort into supporting it. You guys might have to put up with two weeks of stick figure comics if that happens though.

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