Comic #888! The number of the guy who lives two stories up and like 4 apartments over from the beast! Depending on how the numbering goes on each floor. It might be different for hotels and apartments. The Beast seems like the kind of guy who would live at a hotel. But he’d almost definitely be in the penthouse/President’s Suite, so I’m not sure how anyone would live above him.

Anyhoo. You know you live a strange life when your opening move involves a .577 round to the knee. I’ve been drawing her gun on her leg this whole time so I thought I’d actually have her use it. Come to think of it… is this the first time she’s actually fired it? You’d think of all people, I’d be the one to know, but a lot of scenarios run through my head that don’t make it into the comic, so trivia like that can get a little fuzzy at times.

You know how in movies, laser make that Vmm Vmm Vmm noise, and then when they cross the camera, it’s all VvvvvOOOOMmmm! You know the sound I’m talking about. My point is, Maxima’s later sight needs a suppressor. Max isn’t a bad shot, she’s passed basic Air Force rifle proficiency, but she doesn’t shoot a lot beyond that. I don’t think you normally see a lot of laser sights in the military, but I could be wrong. (A quick google shows they’re not standard issue, but sometime they use IR ones in conjunction with NV goggles.)

Anyway, Max is the boss, so no one gets to make fun of her for having a laser sight on her gun.

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