Maxima wearing “goldenrod” underwear is the same thing as a white woman wearing beige undies. It’s an attempt to make the underwear invisible if their shirt is too sheer. It’s certainly not to look good. A beige bra is the female equivalent of slightly off-white tighty whities with a saggy butt. Though I think the goldenrod actually looks okay on Max. Maybe it would look worse if it was more of a canary yellow. Of course, Maxima is supposed to be one of those women who is so crazy hot that she could cosplay as a potato sack and it’d still cause a bonerocalypse. Still, even in their primes it’s hard to imagine even Kate Beckinsale/Monica Bellucci/Megan Fox/Angelina Jolie/That tennis chick picking her wedgie/the hottest chick in the universe according to your preferences/etc. pulling off beige underwear. Honestly Jessica Biel in Blade 3 was pretty hot. She was in very good shape. Too bad that movie was ass – especially considering that Blade 2 is in my top 10 action movies of all time. Blade suplexes a footsoldier. One might be tempted to ask why the guy balanced himself on Blade’s shoulder perfectly upright without struggling, but that’s not the important part. What’s important is asking if you imagine Luke Skywalker suplexing a stormtrooper or James Bond piledriving a henchman? No, because they got no flourish.

What was I talking about? Oh, right, the comic.

I was going to put Maxima in an “ARMY” shirt, then I remembered “Oh, right, Arc-SWAT exists in this universe, duh.” While Max imposed a 6 month ban on personal endorsements for the team, Archon itself can sell merch.

And yes, Max can’t commandeer anything, but… if she can operationally justify it, she’s not going to get into trouble for it. She might not go back in that store to pay for the shirt and shorts (and probably some new drawers), but a Lt. Col probably has a personal assistant of some sort. And if not, she can just get Harem to pop in (literally) with her AmEx Black card.

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