Before anyone asks, “All of whose powers?”, that is the first line on the next page.

My first question is, how did she discover this powerset? Did she get a summer job at a home and garden shop that just happened to be owned by someone who had the super power to till soil with their mind. And was also evil, I guess. She specifically said “supervillains who hire me” so maybe it only works with bad guys? That would be my second question.

Hench Wench is a Patreon cameo character from… actually I didn’t ask if she wants her name here, so uh, stay tuned maybe. Anyway, she didn’t give me any instructions for the cameo beyond the name, so I came up with something that honestly might be a little overpowered, but she seems like she’ll be fun either way.

Max might need to talk to Heatwave about not trying to immolate tangos. Or suspects. I’m not sure what Arc-SWAT calls people actively criming. “Suspect” seems like you’re not sure if they’re guilty. If they’re actively punching your teammates, a more proactive term might be appropriate. “Tango” sounds a little terroristy, but can also mean target, so I guess it’s okay.

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