Okay, so I’m making fun of myself a little with this page. My actions scenes aren’t ever going down in the annals of comic book history for their intensity. There’s a lot of starting and stopping.

Personally I think mid-combat banter is fine, but mid-action banter is bad. By which I mean a shot of Spider-Man delivering a paragraph of dialog while dodging a bullet doesn’t exactly make you feel the adrenaline of the moment. Yes, it’s a simple abuse of comic book time, but it does make part of your brain wonder if Spidey is a really fast talker or if the bad guy is firing extremely subsonic bullets. Like “how is it staying airborne” subsonic.

Hench Wench would either be the worst Super they could kidnap, or the best. The worst, because presumably this little cabal attacking the team would terminate her employment if they all got captured or if she went AWOL/got abducted. Or the best, because while she wouldn’t have active powers to beat up the crew/damage the ship/be a general nuisance, presumably she still has that… factor that makes her a super, and maybe that’s something alien scanners can figure something out.

Hey have I mentioned recently that I have an Amazon referral link? If you make that link your Amazon bookmark, it will help me continue buying things I probably don’t need, like this sword. Look, I’m not some weirdo with “too many knives” but I thought a sword or two would be kind of fun to have. As it is, I’ve taken it out of the scabbard a few times and thought, 1) Neat, 2) This is heavier than I thought it would be, and 3) medieval people who actually used swords would probably have benefited from flash in the pan trendy exercise equipment like this wrist trainer. (Insert joke about all the single knights not needing a wrist trainer.)

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